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The Sample Essays

            ESSAYS一直以来长期困扰着许多出国留学生,每当提笔总不知如何写起,ESSAYS真的那么难吗?集英为您提供一个简短的Sample Essays。

              QUESTION: Identify someone you regard as a hero, a leader or role model whom you admire. Describe how this person has influenced your development.

         Albert Einstein stands as a hero to me because he not only changed the world, he did something more important -- he changed our understanding of it. While he is considered one of the great physicists of all time, his achievements also transcend his profession due to the humanitarian concerns he applied to his work. 

          Einstein's ideas, like Darwin's, reverberated beyond science, because they changed forever the way many people viewed the cosmos and themselves. For this reason, and his Jewish heritage, he became a target of political and religious factors for much of his life. But Einstein did not shrink from the challenges leveled against him, instead he spoke up for humanitarian issues of importance to him. In the face of adversity he stayed true to his own moral sense. This is where Einstein truly distinguishes himself in my mind as a hero.


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